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Commercial lease; 660sq ft Limestone & Maxwell

Ky judge judges judicial Kentucky 2006 election

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Proposed Noise Ordinance Exemption

Noise Ordinance - NEW BAR coming: Tin Roof, and of course they will have a patio competing with Two Keys to be the loudest bar in Lexington.
Gambino's has finally closed. We don't know why, but they did owe taxes and rent as-well-as the owner had a few drunk driving citations or so we've been told.
We beg the city to strengthen the penalties for the commercial sound and disturbance violations as a $200.00 fine is a joke. (Keywords: Sound, Noise, Disturbance, LFUCG, Lexington, Kentucky, Ky)

A neat little trick bar owners use is to fight citations in order to not have to pay them and after 3-5 years they change ownership and reopen under a new name thereby not having to pay the citations or taxes- a clean slate.
Guess what Gambinos is closed and I heard someone bought into Two Keys. Hummmm…
The Lexington Police Department now can issue Alcohol Beverage Control, ABC citations. These citation can lead to the loss of alcohol license. Please call in a sound or disturbance complaint to the Lexington police 255-3600 "No Commercial Amplified Sound: On a public right-of-way anytime" Which states that sound shall not cross 50 feet of public right-of-way, that's sidewalks & streets and I can hear Two Keys 500 feet away in a brick house with closed windows facing away.
If they let the bars break laws, only bars who break the laws will survive. Herein is the complete ordinances for Lexington, Kentucky - including but not limited to:
Noise; Parking; Licensing; Food; Housing; Vendors; Tax; Building; Law; Zoning; Enforcement; Violations; Penalties; Permits.
All 26 chapters are included.

LFUCG Ordinance - Chapter 4 ANIMALS AND FOWL

Newtown Pike extension


- - - - Death Star Box - - - -

Sec. 14-42. Permitting minors in house of ill fame.
Any keeper or inmate of a house of ill fame who shall permit any minor under seventeen (17) years of age, who does not reside in such house, to enter the same, shall be fined ten dollars ($10.00) for each offense.
Sec. 14-43. Death stars or shurikens.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or give away death stars or shurikens to any person under the age of eighteen (18) years within the urban county.
(b) It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of eighteen (18) years to purchase or otherwise acquire, use or possess death stars or shurikens within the urban county. (c) Any person who shall violate the provisions of this section shall be fined not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) for each offense nor more than one hundred dollars ($100.00).
(Ord. No. 269-87, 1, 11-19-87)
Editor's note: Ord. No. 4-76, 4, adopted Jan. 15, 1976, repealed 14-43, which has pertained to skating in public parks. Said section had been contained in the original codification. Subsequently, 1 of Ord. No. 269-87, adopted Nov. 19, 1987, added a new 14-43.
Muni Code

- - - - Thought Box - - - -
What if Lexington installed cameras on the railway tracks near the UK campus to help prevent crimes by transients in that area. This part of the railway is also a potential terrorist target and might be eligible for federal funds.
Mayor's office
- - - - Thought Box - - - -
What if we (Lexington) brought wireless to the north-side and other areas that are not so rich; giving the youth access to the internet will increase education and reduce crime. The dollar savings from reduced crime and improved education would help offset the cost to the city or state. Other ways to reduce the cost would be to partner with the business world; Dell(laptop donations), Microsoft, as well as advertisements can be sold inwhich the users would view at logon. Anti-porn filters could be added and sites could be restricted. If LFUCG does do something like this I hope they take time to study and plan it, for it would require hiring an internet security officer for the safety of the kids, people and to coordinate the project so that Lexington gets the most of it's buck also so the most in need get computers and wireless. If you think this is a good idea please let your counsel member and mayor know.
Mayor's office
- - - - Thought Box - - - -
Should the sound ordinances be strengthened to prevent bars from playing loud music all night as they do now? My suggestions are:
increase fines from $200. to $500. for the first offense then $1000. thereafter;
Require officers to issue citations whenever a violation is encountered;
…; Any suggestion?
Mayor's office

Hey, UK buy these properties.

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The best site for Henry's stats; henryearl/ is a database of people who have been arrested and held by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Division of Community Corrections. You can only view people who are currently being held. Arrest data starts 1-1-1992

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thousends of arrests - Henry Earl

Marcie doesn't look a day over 85, this just proves that jail.lfucg isn't fool-proof.

Jolly #108125

I drive better when I'm drunk...

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